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    • February 20, 2014 1:55 PM PST
    • Here is where I began my official  journey in networking.. hats off to Greg,mike and the gang...

    • November 3, 2013 6:46 AM PST
    • Thomas Commiskey said:

      If You are curious or want to know why an ACN RVP, CIRCLE OF CHAMPIONS, 7 Figure Income Earner, who was featured on the cover of SUCCESS Magazine, 



      Hi Thomas, I believe SUCCESS Magazine is a pay to play advertorial publication. Not sure if the cover works the same way as the featured companies though.

    • November 1, 2013 12:22 PM PDT
    • If You are curious or want to know why an ACN RVP, CIRCLE OF CHAMPIONS, 7 Figure Income Earner, who was featured on the cover of SUCCESS Magazine, walked away from more than a Million Dollar a year Income, leaving ACN, Joining a 17 month old company already in 17 countries, Visit my website because you might discover his Why. Go To:


      Thank You,



    • November 23, 2011 1:33 PM PST
    • Our first experience with a voip 6 years ago was excellent. When we moved we easily cancelled and started with another voip in another town. Two years ago we tried the ACN video phone. You know, so the grand kids can see Grandma & Grandpa. So we thought why not? Two year contract seemed a little over the top, but we thought why not. Then came the crappy phone with a cord! The pathetic little screen, poor quality. No other voip caused problems with our wireless network, but ACN messed up our wireless network, poor customer service, no pro-rated end of contract, so they sucked us in for another full month and then another $15.54 transfer fee to port our number to another voip. The new company you can cancel at any time. 

    • June 1, 2011 5:26 AM PDT
    • Listen, if you're making a killing with ACN and you're thriving, good for you. I don't know what your deal is but you still seem to be holding me personally responsible for the reputation your company has on the Internet. I have no interest in "slandering" ACN, and aside from the hard work and dedication of some or many of your reps, I could care less whether ACN reaches Bill Gates profits or swirls down the mlm failure toilet. Its completely irrelevant to me. I just study what's on the Internet, and chat about it here. I use the word "review" because I'm trying to give people the basic run down about a company and show them how it has been received publicly. Nothing more. I'm not a columnist, I'm not a news caster, I have the right to say whatever I want within the guidelines and rules of this forum, if you don't like it, too bad. I'm going to continue doing my best to talk about what I find interesting, whether it be ACN, Ardyss, or McDonalds. If that's going to be hard for you than either stop playing, or take your heart pills before logging on.

    • May 31, 2011 2:45 AM PDT
    • You hit a nerve alright friend. ACN representatives will never let anyone slander or post misleading things about ACN and we will always answer the call when needed. My feathers can take much more than that before I legally consider them ruffled. I am a man of truth, and what I say about ACN reflects that completely. Your information is absolutely, without doubt, bogus. I take offense to your opinions not because they are your opinions but because you are attempting to review something that you have no experience with whatsoever. I'm trying to understand how you think using the Internet as a way to tell if your grits are done or not is a good idea. Let me tell you that if everyone in the world formed their opinions the way you do, then one negative opinion could potentially get a man killed. I've gone through the entire slough of bad statements ranging from our comp plan, to the videophone and all you people continue to do is talk about the same rumors. What gives? I'm not here to lie to you all, If I tell you a hen dips snuff, you can look under her wing. Please do some real research instead of amassing like a bunch of hecklers to gossip about rumors and lies. Not many things in this world are perfect, but ACN is pretty darn close as far as mlms go and you can't go wrong if you apply just half a drop of sweat.

    • May 26, 2011 11:18 PM PDT
    • lol, good grief, I must have hit a nerve on this one. You're right about a couple things my good man; I've never participated in an mlm. I've touched on my reasons why in a few posts already, but in a nutshell; I'm not the kind of guy that they require. I at least like to think of myself as a decent guy, quiet; as hard as that may be to believe. I have a severe dislike for sales people of any kind. When I'm in a store, I'm pretty irritated that sooner or later someone is going to ask if they can help me. I won't show it of course, but that's how I'm feeling. It is, of course; not the salesperson's fault, its the culture that insists he is needed. Its an impatient culture that is incapable of having direction, knowing what it wants, and where it will most likely be. So when I enter a store, I am automatically categorized as needing some type of assistance. Call me grumpy if you like, but that's me. My personality would never mesh with most mlm requirements that would guarantee success. I'm not pushy, particularly social, or interested in giving presentations. I think that could change under the right conditions, the right product, and the right kind of situation, but that has yet to be manifested.

      My sarcasm toward ACN is my business. This isn't a professional review, this is just some guy on a forum sharing his research, so if you're pissy over what I said, blame the Internet community, since that's where I get my information from. I have multiple sources telling me why ACN is a bad idea, and that the phone is crap, vs a manipulative ACN rep whose tone and writing barely masks his intent....

      You mention that ACN is work for serious entrepreneurs, everyone is serious, "bubba". From what I have seen, and not experienced firsthand as you have rightfully pointed out; is that there are two kinds of people in this racket. Those under the right conditions and with the know how, and those that don't know what their doing, have a tough mold to break out of and fail. You know what they both have in common? They both likely tried pretty damn hard, with the smarter one taking the finish line. Sure there are the loafers that like the idea of an mlm, and the idea of the job, but don't actually try very hard, so they fail, but that doesn't mean every single person with nothing but bad things to say about your precious ACN is in that category.

      Judge much?

      You'll find that when ACN's online reputation improves, the tone of my reviews will improve with it, and I will do the very same thing I have done thus far; reflect what is already there. So don't get ruffled feathers just because I wrote a review you didn't like. Do something to improve your employer instead lol


    • May 5, 2011 3:43 AM PDT
    • This is hardly a review Wallace, I'd have expected a bit more from you. In fact I find it a bit unusual that you are reviewing a company at all really, its not like you're a member, you openly admit that you aren't qualified to rate a comp plan, which I assume is because you really don't understand them. Well a comp plan is kind of half the cake isn't it W? If you can't do that, why are you writing a review at all? Even when you aren't saying something is good or bad, your tone and writing barely masks your sarcasm, and a truly unbiased review wouldn't do that, it would simply discuss the facts. This is not your cousin Larry's shampoo mlm, so you won't be paying a $29.99 entry fee, this is serious business, this is work for motivated entreprenuers, so you will be paying $499 in hopes of making 400k, get it? The concept that the phone is useless has been floating around for 3 years now, and its false. The phone works beautifully, it is geared for business, your ACN business, its designed to work in conjuction with your ACN network, and that is stated in the contract. You by a cupcake and take a bite, decide you don't like it, and attempt to bring it back to the bakery, well guess what bubba, they won't refund your money. They would go broke every time some loafer decided they couldn't hack doing real work and wanted their investment back. Everybody wants to make a million bucks, yet few can get past the 3 year mark of dedication.

      ps..Have you actually tried the customer service department? Go ahead and call ACN 877-226-1010, just ask for some information, see how fast, and how eager ACN associates are to help you, then write a review, when you actually know a little about what you're talking about.

    • November 15, 2011 6:30 AM PST
    • Hello Arthurttt793 -

      I have a relative who uses ACN videophone, and I am interested in communicating with her. Are you aware of any software items ( Mac, Windows, or Linux ) that can interoperate with the ACN Videophone ?



    • June 19, 2011 11:05 PM PDT
    • How would you say this device compares to Skype, or Vonage? Just curious as to what your opinion is..

    • May 9, 2011 1:56 AM PDT
    • Once again, I have to take the time as a proud American Communications Network Representative, and correct a bunch of individuals whom seem to have taken it upon themselves to discuss a product that none of them have actually used. I myself can tell you just how much information there is all over the Internet about alot of things, but you can't simply believe everything you read. The problems reported with the Iris 3000 are simply false. This is something that was started by the same deviants who want to see ACN fail. Once you realize you can't say anything bad about the company without us patriots coming out to defend, you move on to attack the phone. Well you know what buddy, you're all wrong about that too!

      The Iris 3000 is a fantastic device, with a fully interactive interface, a sleek, aerodynamic design, and excellent electronics quality. There are numerous things said about this phone that are simply not true, and often privy to the quality of phone carrier, and the common sense of the user. I am quite frankly; sick and tired of people using the complaints of others, to gauge an experience. Exactly how well do you think you can interpret someone else's experience, no matter how vicariously you try? You can't, not when it comes to a piece of high tech electronic equipment. ACN's videophone is an SIP device manufactured by UMEC, and features a CMOS Camera, 7-inch screen, a photo frame, and a 56k phone jack which allows you to connect it to a cordless telephone allowing you mobility. It also takes advantage of your high speed Internet connection, adding another good reason to have one. One advantage to this device is that you can see the person you're talking to in real time, and it doesn't require any technical know how, its just as simple as using a regular phone. You can also project whatever you have on the Iris 3000's screen onto a larger display, a computer, or via a projection device.

      How fun would it be to leave a video message instead of a voice message for those times you aren't home? You're also free to check your messages from anywhere in the world over another telephone, or from any computer. The phone also allows you to upload photos, power point presentations, and anything else which includes imaging via a USB drive. This phone does everything, and there is no truth at all to the rumors about it's picture quality, sound, or the popular lie that it can't be used with non ACN phone contacts. Yes it is true that unless someone else has a videophone, you can't utilize some of the features, but doesn't that fall into the common sense category? How is someone with a state of the art ACN videophone going to see you if you're on an ancient rotary phone with no cam? That is the source of the rumor everyone seems to spread, and there is no truth to the rumor whatsoever.

      Another rumor involves picture quality and sound quality, more specifically, that they lack, and that is also a myth. Let me explain a few things for people that don't understand the factor that goes into this kind of thing. Lets say you want to get on a web cam with your uncle Vincent, and whenever you do, you notice it looks choppy, with poor frame rates, and the sound sometimes lags behind the image, or vice versa. This is because of your Internet connection, or your uncle's, not the web cam. Maybe you only have 56k, or maybe you are downloading some seriously hefty bandwidth's, but rest assured, that's the cause. Next thing you know, you take the cam back to the store, and get a refund, then you fill out a survey saying how much the cam sucks, spreading disinformation, simply because you didn't understand the factors in your experience. Now some guy we'll call Bob, no, how about we call him Jacob; reads all these posts and feedback complaints about that same web cam, and decides to tell others how crappy the cam is. Meanwhile ten other people just like him believe what he posts, and sales go down for the cam, and it gets a bad reputation. I'm sure you see where I'm going.

      The ACN Iris 3000 is a magnificent device, and I assure you, you will not be disappointed in the company, or the videophone.

    • May 5, 2011 4:09 AM PDT
    • Hey yall,

      I don't know Art, I've had no experience with it at all but I can tell ya what my brother in law in Michigan says. He was with ACN since they started and his number one complaint was that phone, so much so that he did fine with the package and getting people to bite until it came time to show them the phone. He said the first thing people did was ask what good it was when the only other people you could talk to was other ACN reps. I think if it were as stable a technology as a land line, then I'd go as far as to say that maybe yall improved upon an old technology, but with web cams and cell phones, it just don't seem like this phone is worth much these days. Now I don't know just what the price for it is these days, but I reckon its still pretty high. I bet if ACN ditched the phone all together you'd be doing a service to the overall package while eliminating a source of countless complaints. That dang phone is one area where the complaints are legit.

      Thanks for listening.

    • May 5, 2011 3:54 AM PDT
    • I don't know what the hell that first post even means, I speak English, as for the videophone, the ACN Iris 3000 is a superb piece of equipment and it does what it says it does. Obviously the only other person you can call that will appear on your screen must also have a video phone, and that just isn't something everyone has yet. However your niece could easily have called anyone in the world with it and it would have functioned perfectly normal. The rumors of it only being able to call other ACN representatives are completely bogus. Skype and yahoo require headsets, and PC's, why in the world would you chose boot up time, log in time, settings and volume tinkering when you can just pick up the phone and dial the number?

    • June 25, 2011 6:39 AM PDT
    • Excellent reply Global, and I very much appreciate your response. If I understand you correctly, you're saying that Telstra and Optus are affiliated in someway with ACN? You said you were charged a plan changing fee, so I assumed that somehow Telstra or Optus was handling one of ACN's services there in Australia. Great to have an Australian member here by the way, always wonderful to get some mlm insight from another part of the world. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm assuming Wallace and others were expressing not so much that ACN is a pyramid scheme, but that the overall quality of the mlm plan itself just doesn't have a place for the majority of people wanting to get involved. I'm really surprised to hear that you like the phone because here in America it seems there are many other brands that offer similar products for smaller prices, and I'm certain that those same products, or at least many of them are also available in Australia, Europe, and Asia. Are you officially an ACN rep? Have you experienced a great deal of success in building a network and selling the product? Many people here have experienced a great deal of trouble dealing with ACN especially when it comes to refunds and the quality of the phone.

    • May 5, 2011 3:00 AM PDT
    • I'm not exactly impressed with your opinions about too many things from what I've read on this forum, and to be honest, I can barely take much of it seriously. When it comes to ACN, you really have no idea what you're talking about and the ignorance shines right on through.ACN is growing as rapidly as it is because it is a great company that provides a great service, and because these so called "complaints" are literally rumors, and they are the only negative things anyone can find. When you set out to deliberately slander a good company name then all you have to go by are rumors and cheap attacks. ACN representatives DO NOT harass anyone, their jobs are to help people build successful businesses and to help them save money. ACN representatives are not pushy or aggressive, we simply want nothing more than to see people make something of their lives, and in turn become a successful part of ACN, and we're doing just that. We provide you with the opportunity, the money, the training and the drive. It's all there but it still requires work and following the business model that was laid down. The residual income is amazing, but its a program, its an opportunity,but not a guarantee, not a package that you pay for with one hand while the other waits for success, you have to build it.

      All I here you people talk about are these myths, these loser blogs from those that COULDN'T. You read all this malarkey and believe every word, yet you can see that ACN is thriving, does that make much sense to you? No it doesn't, you've both admitted it, and yet you would rather sit there wondering why that is, instead of follow the common sense that seems to be lacking. Well that common sense should tell you that the crap you're reading is just that; crap. Stay away from pissedconsumer, or watchdog, or any of that junk, look at the names, what do you think all the content will consist of? Stay away from blogs, they have evolved into something else entirely, and are at the whim of every business, and those who wish to crucify them. Most blogs are maintained by failures that couldn't make it work, and are venting their frustrations out on the world. Oh it couldn't be ME that failed, absolutely not, it was ACN! Yeah..right.This little negative community is made up of the people that didn't do what was necessary to succeed, plain and simple. They didn't take the readily available advice from the current champions, they didn't study the model, they didn't prepare and do their homework, and now they're sitting on their ass writing blogs when really they should be writing about themselves.

      The people you need to talk to are those involved in the company right now, they will guide you accurately, and few of them will tell you they are drowning in dollars, but most of them will tell you they are surfing on them, trust me. It takes an average of 2 to 5 years of hard work, dedication and creativity to build a successful business. Most thin skins quit in 3, because they expect too much, too fast, with too little effort. Use common sense and think for yourself, don't rely on others for the truth when it is readily visible.ACN's business model is basically the same as your basic American one.

      Oh, and tell me, what exactly is it you have against Donald Trump anyway? If he does run for president it won't be the man's first rodeo with the media. He's a phenomenal business man and sees in ACN what should be seen;quality. Having the experience Trump has with the media and making deals, is exactly what it takes to become president these days, and with the current clown we have, I should think you'd welcome any change.You have to respect a feller that doesn't tip toe around anything because it means we know what we're getting should he in fact run for office.No one can tell for certain whether or not he is serious about restoring fiscal balance and limiting the Federal government, but if he is, you can bet your bottom dollar I would consider him.

    • May 4, 2011 8:32 AM PDT
    • These guys are tools, if for no other reason than the fact that their popularity is 100% based on Donald Trump, who is a jerk. Look at all the hate feedback for ACN, yet somehow they seem to thrive, maintain good standing with the BBB, manage to remain a member of the DSA, and still remain in a state of growth despite tons of bad feedback. My belief is that Trump is the reason, and for all the bad things people can say about the guy, he's no idiot, and he knows business, public relations, and even politics to a degree. He's also a major icon, so pretty much what he says is gold to certain, "disciple" types. If he backs ACN, then they can send dried dog poo pretzels in place of video phones and still have a wonderful reputation with the people that matter.

    • April 29, 2011 1:46 AM PDT
    • Here's a brief history of ACN Group, just for future references when we discuss this company.

      ACN group got its roots planted back in the 1990s when Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and Tony and Mike Cupisz who were twin brothers. At the time they were friends/associates and seemed to have the experience in differing fields to compliment each other, so in 1992 they put their resources together and formed the American Communications Network, Inc. They established a structure, and gathered some manpower and were officially open in January of 1993 with approximately twenty reps. They actually managed to rake in about two million dollars the first year, which is pretty substantial and definitely a success.

      Originally, ACN acted as a marketing arm for a long-distance service reseller known as LCI Communications, which lasted about 5 years until LCI was bought out by Qwest Communications. One of the highlights, and most helpful things that really propelled ACN was their appearance in INC. Magazine as part of the publication's Inc. 500 list, for rapidly growing private companies. ACN held the number 2 spot, which was anything but shabby, and they were doing it with an annual revenue of $98.1 million. As was stated in another thread, yesterday I believe, ACN got even more popular in 2006 with the endorsement and highly publicated approval of multi-billionaire and Apprentice executive producer, Donald J. Trump. Trump has appeared at various talks and ACN International Training Events where he has publically stated time and time again, that he praises the company's founders, business model, and the not so popular video phone.

      Speaking of which, ACN group purchased over $50 million dollars worth of videophone equipment from WorldGate Communications. This was part of a deal that included purchasing all outstanding debentures of WorldGate's senior secured creditor, YA Global Investments, via its investment proxy, WGI Investors. More recently, ACN has managed to set up a launch in Seoul, South Korea. For all the bad things people seem to say about ACN, one can't deny that they seem to utilize an amazingly successful formula, and I remain puzzled as to the contrast between an increasingly negative reputation, and yet highly visible success.

    • May 9, 2011 3:01 AM PDT
    • Come on now Art, who do you think you're fooling? First of all, it is common knowledge that Donald Trump's father dug into his pockets several times to help his son, and if you read just about any of his books, he states that explicitly. Second, Trump's father did little more than pass down his business knowledge to his son, and had any of us been born in that environment we would have also had our foot on the gas pedal ready to use that knowledge. In Trump's case, he did little more than walk the path that was carved out for him. Now he's on TV and is the hero of millions, he could care less about ACN other than that it happens to be the venture of a good friend of his. In reaction to your assessment of the achievements other posters here have made, exactly what is your legacy, having eaten 200 pies? These are public figures, celebrities, stage monkies that put themselves in the public eye for the sake of performance, they are rightfully subject to the criticism of others.

    • May 5, 2011 3:26 AM PDT
    • How can you not appreciate a man that can make half a million blue collar workers watch white collar workers get fired? Donald Trump is a highly successful, extraordinarily driven business man that could sell sand to Saudis. Anyone who dislikes him either resents the fact that he tells the truth in a very direct way, or is jealous that he can do with ease, what most people can't do with years of practice. Donald Trump is a self made millionaire, what have you done with your lives, achieved 200 posts? Please. He had some financial failures just like the rest of us, but he didn't give up, he kept on pushing and eventually made it. Legend has it that his father opted to help him since he was a major player in the real estate world, but Trump refused and insisted on doing it on his own. Now he's on television mixing it up with the hottest mlm out there and all you can say is he's an asshat. What does that make you?

    • May 3, 2011 3:36 AM PDT
    • lol, I agree about ACN for the most part, and I don't really have much of an opinion about Donald Trump, I really don't know a ton about him other than that he's a reality show parasite and a well known, and popular business magnate. The guy is rich and bored, and now feels as though he'd like a shot at the US. presidency..I don't hate the man, I'm just not impressed by him at all. ACN and Donald Trump can have each other.

    • April 28, 2011 12:46 AM PDT
    • Seriously?

      This guy is an a** hat, I can't stand Donald Trump, and the thing that gets me is that he's become one of those cultural icons where he has managed to appeal to the tards of my generation (20-30+) and now he is totally hip despite the fact that he is a complete ***. I started reading all these new ACN posts and stumbled on an article that said he was involved with them. Talk about pee and poo sharing the same bowl. Sorry, its harsh, but I'm an honest man. I read how Trump "praises" the company, and the guys who founded it, and that he appears in their talks and in SUCCESS Magazine. He even had ACN appear on his sh*tty show: "The Celebrity Apprentice" which was little more than a video phone plug.

      I don't like ACN or Donald Dump, and it amazes me that there is a following for him, and amazes me even further that he has become something of a role model for people trying to be big shots in the business world. I'm not knocking anyone with the drive, and as long as you do it honestly, I have no problem with capitalism and business, but Trump isn't one of those guys, and I've noticed with the last 2 generations that the role models seem to be real turds. I also hate mainstream TV and think that most (not all) of it is feed for the sheeple, so I am a little opinionated I guess.

    • May 5, 2011 3:18 AM PDT
    • No sir, I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it a hundred more, you don't fail at ACN unless you are a fail. Period. Its a flawless model, and you're all making yourselves look very ignorant because you're taking 3-4 bad "blog" posts that have something bad to say about ACN and running with them like the Olympic torch. It's foolish and I would expect much more from posters at Repspace, but apparently anyone can get a membership to the forums lol. If you DO live in a terrible area, whose fault is it that you chose an MLM company as a job? You probably won't make it if you live dead smack in the middle I-70, America's sewer pipe. Who you going to blame when you can't build a network in a 1500 person community? ACN?

      That's hogwash.

    • May 4, 2011 8:23 AM PDT
    • "you have to be a pretty unmotivated person to fail at ACN LOL."

      That's just a LITTLE presumptuous, don't you think dude lol? Maybe the guy lives in a terrible area for selling that kind of product, or maybe he experienced a string of bad luck, or maybe, just maybe, you're an ACN rep that is willing to say anything to sell a product? Could be, maybe? I'm teasing for the most part, but people can easily fail and have done everything right, its not always as simple as endurance or skill.

    • May 3, 2011 4:33 AM PDT
    • You obviously haven't a clue what you're talking about Lethanix12, because you have to be a pretty unmotivated person to fail at ACN LOL. There is nothing wrong with the video phone whatsoever, that is a rumor that was started since it was released, and based off the idea that you can't transmit visual data to a normal telephone, and that makes sense; how many people do you know that aren't involved with ACN and have a video phone? You also whine about the return policies, well guess what bubba; read them before you jump feet first into a real job. There are serial numbers involved, and the fact that no successful company stays on top by giving half-hearted loafers their money back on a product they are too lazy to have found much use for. This is a serious business for serious entrepreneurs, anyone less will end up on Repspace complaining about their own failure. ACN is a member of the Direct Seller's association, and you don't enjoy that privilege by ripping anyone off. You can also check the BBB where they have excellent standing having dealt with "serous" issues and leaving them completely resolved. I think you're little more than a forum spook hired by the competition, because there is no way you can fail at ACN unless you're truly hopeless as a businessperson. As for their customer service, its top notch, and the only people that complain are those that expect people to pick up the phone in the middle of the first ring, or to have people there to process your "I failed" slips at 2am in the morning. They are always there during normal business hours, so you're either lying, or had unrealistic expectations.

      Good luck Lethanix, you're sure going to need it..LOL


    • May 3, 2011 3:56 AM PDT
    • Damn, it just gets worse and worse the more I read today lol...out of curiosity, how many people did you recruit? How many hours did you put in and what was your experience dealing with your friends that you got involved?