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    • January 3, 2009 4:53 AM PST
    • Mike and Deb,

      Regarding your somewhat disparaging comment that did not  "evaluate the service the right way"...

      For over 10 years we have been the highest traffic resource for home based businesses.  We evaluate and add companies based on publicly available information.

      In this case, no information on EIS or their executives or their address is readily available on their site.  We went as far as contacting Tim Ross via phone at the number you provided, and we were told the reason that the information is not provided is to 'keep out the riffraff'. We're still not sure exactly what that means. The woman who answered the phone would not provide us with the address.

      Years ago, we published an article on what we felt and still feel are the key elements in evaluating a home based business.  The home based business element is entirely separate from the 'product' which is what is described in the ABC6 local news piece you reference. The business opportunity is what people get involved in and invest their time and money in.

      The number 1 item on our list of Red Flags when Researching an MLM Company:

      1. No Physical Address or Contact Numbers
      The Internet has made it simple for new home based businesses to create a presence without having any real infrastructure or substance. While not all mlm businesses require a physical address, those that are offering goods or services to reps and consumers would be expected to have some traceable location. The lack of a phone number makes it all but impossible to pursue any customer service, commission, or other representative issue.

      So when you say we did not evaluate the service the right way, if you mean that we did not post that the company address is readily available, that the names of the owners and executives are easy to find, that would be because its not true.  The info on the business opportunity is separate from the info on the product. The info on the product is here:  We don't create info or try to make any business opportunity look like anything other than what it is, and what is presented in their company materials ( in this case, their website ).

      You contacted Npros and asked us to add this company to our directory.  We advised you that no company address or other info we require to create a business listing was available, and provided us the phone number.  We made every effort to be sure the information we added to our directory was true and correct.   

      We do hope you have much success with this business opportunity.


    • January 3, 2009 4:33 AM PST
    • Deb I I decided to advertise so we can clear the air and give an honest demonstration of our service and our opportunity otherwise we thought people may get the wrong idea.

      Mike and Deb Clemente

    • January 3, 2009 3:58 AM PST
    • Don't Judge a book by its cover.. NPROS did not even take the time to evaluate our service the right way.

      If you want to evalute our service please contact Mike or Deb Clemente


      at 401-615-0968.... The service provides a life saving database for children who go missing and adults who have a medical emergency. It is a protected and on line service for $19.95 cents per YEAR.. that police and hospitals can access immeditely...

      The reason Tim does not want the company executives on the website is because there are two many companies that do that and brag about how much experience they have and how many millions of dollars they created etc.. OUR company is about TEAM not the company executives.It is about a mission not about creating wealth.. If you are looking for a fast buck this is not the company you want, but if you are looking for a stable company with a unique service that EVERYONE needs and can afford and want to put the misison first and help create awareness then you may want to take another look.

      This clip from the news is what NPROS should be looking at .

      The service has been endorsed by several law enfocement agencies and is a great fundraising service.


      Please contact us for a full evaluation.


      There are no smoking mirrors here just plain truth that NPROS has not taken the time to evaluate the proper way.

      I invite them to call me also so that we can show them the value of this service..

      Deb and I wanted to advertise on this site but due to their narrow thinking we do not beleive that will be happening anytime soon.

      Do not believe anything you read until you personaly evaluate it...

    • January 2, 2009 2:26 AM PST
    • Does anyone have any more info on this company?

      I received an email referral, but I could not find any info on the company on the website.

      No address, no execs, and as far as I can tell the entire business is selling 38 emergency information stickers for 500.00.  ( Reminds me of NuConcepts in Travel, selling Orange Travel Agent Stickers for 500.00 a pop, 5000.00 for a roll of 10 )

      Is this deal all smoke and mirrors?

    • October 30, 2008 10:53 AM PDT
    • Hello all,

      my name is Taylor and I am new to the forum as well as Network Marketing. I am working with my partner on this company he has over 17 years of expierience in direct sales so I am pretty excited about that. I am also happy to say that I have finally found a forum where I can talk with other entreprenuer's. It is so hard to find people that aren't so negative towards this industry. Anyways I just wanted ot say hi, and say that GeneWize launched in August of this year. Their are over 10,000 affiliates I am really high up which I am excited about. The product is a DNA guideded supplement which works great. Absolutely love it, so does my wife. Along with the 1200 people under me! So happy selling can't wait to network and interact with everyone on here!

      All the best,


    • October 12, 2008 7:34 AM PDT
    • Hello all,

      Welcome to the wonderful world of "Linen World".....This is the most beautiful and reasonablely priced items with the highest quality I have ever seen....It is a small company Family operated.....when you talk to someone it is only a handful of people who know your name when they hear it.......It is great to work for a company that most of the products are made in America.....I am so very proud of that....Why not join me in selling a wonderful American made product....

    • October 12, 2008 4:24 AM PDT
    • Now is the time to get into Taste of Home Entertaining before the multi-million dollar launch of it's new name.

      Bill and Robin Shaw recently purchased Taste of Home Entertaining from Reader's Digest and will be changing it's name to Entertaining at Home on January 1st when it releases it's new catalog which will contain the long-awaited gourmet food line.  They have also joined forces with Hearst Publications which own magaizines such as "O" Magazine and Good Housekeeping. Entertaining at Home will have full page advertisements in most of their top magazines.

      We offer a new Smart Start program where you can earn a complete digital office in your first 60 days of being a consultant, plus our company is the only home party plan business who offers a gas allowance program when you work you business each month.




    • September 9, 2008 2:08 PM PDT
    • Just heard about KickBrix, a company launching a new 'energy chew'. Apparently, its like a starburst but contains similar ingredients to RedBull and other energy drinks.  No Sugar.


    • August 24, 2008 3:11 AM PDT
    • Biggest Loser Star Leads Weight Loss Revolution!

      SALT LAKE CITY – 14 July 2008

      - Hit TV show finalist Heather Hansen may have

      had to call it quits early from the show “Biggest Loser” for being pregnant, but is

      now reviving her fame with a new weight loss line. A revolutionary, patent-pending

      technology uses the body’s natural function to help with portion control.

      Heather has partnered with O3World™ to bring to market FORM™ and FIXX™, a one

      two punch in hunger management. “I’ve been waiting for something like this to

      come along; a product that is safe to use but that actually works. It is all in the

      portion control,” Heather remarks. “It is really fun to be back in the game. After the

      show I put on some baby weight that I couldn’t wait to get back off. O3World’s flag

      ship product, FORM, makes it easy for me to be in control of my calories.”

      FORM offers network marketing a first-to-market, physician developed, and

      patent-pending technology in a capsule that aids consumers with mealtime portion

      control. Brooks Gordon, marketing director for O3World recently said, “The

      O3World product line capitalizes on the simplest rule of weight loss, if you eat less

      you weigh less. Obesity is plaguing our nation and we want to be part of the

      solution.” Gordon went on to say, “Heather is such a great fit for our product line,

      she has a genuine interest in making sure people are making healthy choices when

      it comes to dieting and weight loss.”

      O3World will make its exclusive products available to the public sometime in

      September 2008. Limited production samples will be available during July and

      August 2008.

      About FORM™:  

      FORM™ contains SWELL®, which is a proprietary, ultra-pure FDAcompliant

      hydrogel platform technology owned and developed by Wellosophy™

      Corporation for use as a pre-meal gastric bulking agent.

      About O3World:

      O3World™ is a revolutionary weight management division of

      ForeverGreen International that is focusing on creating strategic relationships

      within the hunger management field to develop cutting edge weight loss solutions.

      At O3 World, we believe that life is meant to be lived in more than one dimension.  Your experience at O3World will give you the power to improve your health, lifestyle, and finances.  O3World products are designed to help you look better, and feel better with a new understanding of portion control.  It is that simple.  That is how health was meant to be.

      Living life to the next power means creating the life you want.  Joining O3World today is the first step in taking control.  O3World is a timeless concept; it is about controlling your portions, eating whole foods and supplementing with natural products.  Leading an active lifestyle and being involved is all it takes to make the most of this experience.

      So join us on this journey to an exotic new world.  This is truly the World of Opportunity.

      For more information on O3World, please visit



    • August 23, 2008 2:27 PM PDT
    •  The next generation of search technology is in prelaunch. Capture a great position prior to launch.

      Get the details and check out the demo.

    • August 20, 2008 11:34 AM PDT
    •  Ghp sport is  first to market in a 10 year old company.

       How can a 10 year old company be pre launch and first to market you ask?

      For the last 10 years Somalife has been basicly a wholesale buyers club  ,They now have a new vertcial market with ghp sport with a fantastic comp plan.  In a few short months gained many  pro athlete endorsments.


    • August 10, 2008 7:11 PM PDT
    •  Latasia is a direct sales party plan company that specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of fashion jewelry.

    • August 10, 2008 7:36 AM PDT
    • MOXXOR is launching this month.

      MOXXOR is a new nutritional company.  Their flagship product is the MOXXOR antioxidant / omega-3 supplement. The company is HQ'd in Southern California, though the founders are owners of a worldwide food distribution company ( Turner New Zealand ) and have had decades of experience in business.

      I urge anyone looking for a solid product and a new company, where they can get in early ( imagine if you had been one of the lucky ones in at the beginning of Herbalife?) and grow and succeed with the company to do their due diligence, research MOXXOR, the founders Noel Turner and John Turner, their company Turner New Zealand, and see that this is very clean and simple opportunity with a phenomenal story.

      Most people in the direct sales / network marketing / mlm space will tell you that timing is everything, and getting in early with a company that is going to have longevity, has the key factors of a truly excellent ( and consumable product ), a successful team, a strong financial backing... those can be the keys to amplifying your efforts and your personal success.


      MOXXOR Team Prelaunch Info

    • August 7, 2008 3:01 AM PDT

      RepStars International, a Global Network Marketing Company, Announces New SPOT Marketing™ System

      "RepStars International is a new network marketing company that attracts targeted prospects with innovative traffic-driving techniques to stimulate diverse business opportunities for internet marketers."

      The SPOT Marketing™ system (which stands for Sales Prospect Orientation Technology), uniquely automates prospecting efforts by employing innovative SPOT widgets and traffic-driving global .TV platforms. The portal service, which is sold through independent marketers, leverages the high and increasing demand for new customer acquisition. By increasing exposure of network group media, boasts marketers and Internet traffic from multiple countries and will continue to advance utilities which will surpass Industry giants in prospecting through social mediums. Without country and language barriers, RepStars International is a new network marketing company that attracts targeted prospects with innovative traffic-driving techniques to stimulate diverse business opportunities for internet marketers.

      For more information go to Products or SPOTs


    • August 6, 2008 6:04 AM PDT
    • Today is the best time to join Tianshi Health Products! This company has the highest quality herbals, beauty elements, in-style home products and much more! Tianshi embraces a 5000-year-old philosophy called Traditional Chinese Medicine but also used modern biotechnology. We had a huge success in Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Japan and many other countries and now we are on the US market. Great team support, consultations with Health Care Professionals and the best compensation plan. Just visit my web, and check it for yourself. Let me know what you think about that, give me a call at 949-929-1752. Thanks a lot, hope to talk to you soon.

    • June 1, 2008 3:06 AM PDT
    • Please post information in this forum if you know of a new company that does not appear in our directory.

      We are looking for the business name, address, and web address, plus general information about the company and their products or services.

      Please do not post personal links back to your own marketing site instead of the actual company URL. 

      New companies will appear in our work from home directory after review for inclusion and have a forum added within this category.