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    • by Yvonne Gail
    • March 23, 2013
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    For EPXBody
    I signed up for EPXBody after seeing it was #1 on

    The startup cost was only $40. Product was shipped very quickly. After that, nothing went well.

    I tried to cancel my autoship but still can't find a way to do so in the back office.

    I contacted support via the back office support link. No one replied.

    I tried three more times and complained before getting back a teribly lame response.

    The response said that the company is growing faster than could be handled and that someone just started responding to the support emails a week ago. There were over 1000 emails in the queue to be worked and they were being abandonded because the support person said she couldn't get back to them all. What kind of response is that?
    I asked again how to cancel autoship and still have not received a response.
    Product was shipped quickly. I haven't tried it yet.
    Terrible customer service, via email only, and almost impossible to get a response.
    No obvious way to cancel autoship order.

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  • I ran ads for this company and directed traffic to my replicated site. I started earning revenue immediately.
    You can optimize that commission by enrolling yourself in the lead program on an auto-ship basis, but it is not nessessary to participate in or earn revenue from the business.
    Commission payouts were processed promptly.
    I reinvested some of the commission back into the auto-ship once they exceeded the cost, and my percentage per referral increased.
    One of the very, very few companies I've ever participated in that didn't require a startup fee and actually did generate passive income from basic advertisements.
    You can earn revenue without any startup fee. If you refer new members to your page you will always earn a referral commission.

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  • Regeneca sells only all natural powerful products that are FDA approved.
    You can call them anytime and they answers in a minute and provide quality support and help.
    The main product of Regeneca is RegeneSlim.
    You can see more info about this product and the opportunity at:
    FREE to join as a rep
    International opportunity.
    Great products
    High competition for the products market.

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